Who We Are

Tikur Abay Transport PLC was established in October 1993 in Bahirdar town as one of the endowment based development organization of the Amhara National Region Rehabilitation or Development organization, known as TIRET. It is one of the transport companies in Ethiopia in inland freight services among the few companies operating at corporate levels. Through time, the company has taken several upgrading and expansion programs including capacity enhancement programs in terms of manpower, infrastructures and fleet size

Our Company

Through Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Quality Management System Practices we will be the Leader in the Dry Transportation Service Sector.


  • Our mission is to recognize and accept our responsibility to the communities we serve through delivering value and best level of service at the most competitive rates.
  • Provide a fair return for our stockholders by utilizing quality personnel and resources and a rewarding work environment to our employees.


Our Vision is to be the safest, fastest & most trusted transporter in the nation and beyond by 2025.                                      ®Everything we do reflects our Vision.


                         Safety is our first priority. We will achieve this through training our drivers and employees to focus on driver compliance with all applicable government requirements.       Integrity is required in every action. We shall conduct our  business at  the highest  ethical standards. We commit ourselves to being honest and with preferential treatment for none.       Service is what we sell. It is our quality of service that will set us apart from our competition. We will proactively communicate with our customers and drivers so their expectations are fulfilled.   Respect for all. The diversity we day  be  it  the  values  of  a employees, in matters of race, gender or  everyone has value & dignity and this must be respected.     Ownership is key Our success is attributed to our employees                ownership & commitment to provide outstanding service in the market place                                 Our Core Values make our mission possible    

Sister Companies

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